About the Greater Portland Soccer District, Inc. (GPSD)

The Greater Portland Soccer District, Inc. (GPSD) organizes and runs soccer leagues for adult teams in the greater Portland area. Our goal is to provide adult soccer players with the opportunity to play soccer, no matter what their skill level or age. We have teams who just go out and have fun, to our Premier League which is the best of the best and play for a prize purse. Leagues are formed for the Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer.

The GPSD is a member of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and the Oregon Adult Soccer Association (OASA). Each year over 100 teams play in the GPSD from all over the I-5 corridor.

The Fall season is 10 games and runs from September to December, while the Spring/Summer season is also 10 games but runs from March to June. The league also has a Winter season which is 5 games and runs in January and February.

All players must register with the Oregon Adult Soccer Association, (OASA) at (503) 292-1814 in order to participate. For the cost of their membership they will get a player ID card that is good for 1 year. The card also allows the player to participate in leagues and tournaments not run by the GPSD. Although the vast majority of GPSD players are male women are women are more than welcome to play. The womens league in Portland is the NUWS (Northwest United Womens’ Soccer).

Teams in the GPSD are responsible for providing their own jerseys, balls, nets, and corner flags. The GPSD provides the referees and most of the fields, though a few teams provide their own fields (for which they will be compensated for their costs, within reason).

The GPSD’s success over the years is mainly due to the tireless efforts of Ted Zyelinske, who help form the league over 20 years ago and guided it with a loving hand until he passed away in 1995.

Greater Portland Soccer District, Inc. (“GPSD” or “the corporation”) was incorporated as a public benefit corporation without members, pursuant to the Oregon Nonprofit Corporation Act (ORS Chapter 65) and shall be operated exclusively for charitable, religious, educational or scientific purposes, within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, as an organization exempt from income taxation under Section 501(c)(3). Subject to the limitations stated in the articles of incorporation, the purposes of the corporation shall be to engage in any lawful activities, none of which are for profit, for which corporations may be organized under ORS Chapter 65 and section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


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