GPSD board meeting 6:45pm
Managers meeting Kell's Irish Pub 7:00pm
Fall registration deadline
GPSD board meeting 6:45pm
GPSD board meeting 6:45pm
2016 Fall season starts
GPSD board meeting 6:45pm



2016 Fall Registration is open


We just openend the 2016 Fall Registration. We changed how you register. You will now register for a Division and GPSD will put you in a Subdivision. So you pick Over 30s and GPSD will put you in either 30 1st, 30 2nd or 30 3rd Division. You pick Open and GPSD will put you in 1st, 2nd or 3rd. We will use past season performances and standings to determine were you get placed. Feel free to request in your division in your registration. Same with Open and all 30s & 40s registration, but GPSD will have final placement. Registration closes July 31st and final placement will be available on the home page on August 1st.




2015 MLS Cup Champions

Portland Timbers

Lost player cards in the rainy season

The wet and rainy season is coming. Please, managers, check your player cards when they are given back to you imediately to see if any are missing. Do not email the league 2 days later telling us that the referee didn't give you a card back. Please check at the game, in front of the referee and dont let him leave until you have checked. Often times in the rain, cards stick together, it just takes a little work to figure it out and find it. Again, please take 2 seconds and check the cards when they are returned and not 2 days later, after the fact.

Team Fines This Season

So I have sent every one an email on this many times and it does not seem to work. So this season we started fining teams. So far this 2015 Fall Season, the GPSD has fined two teams for drinking alcohol in the parking lot of a venue and one team for urinating in the bushes when bathrooms where supplied. So please, no drinking alcohol on the field or in the parking lot of any venue an please use the bathrooms provided and not the vegitation or your team will be fined.


Team Rosters

We have now posted some "How To Videos" to the website to help you manage your teams page and roster. Just click on the Video link above and choose which video you want to view. Please email us if you have any questions.

Using the "Official Roster" from the website is now required. The reason for this is the GPSD Board is all volunteer and they spend hundreds of hours each season tracking cards, players, rosters, fines and other items. This will save the GPSD Board many, many hours of time trying to track all these items.

Failure to use the Official Roster from the League Website will result in a $25.00 fine.


Looking for Referee's

Ever think about becoming a referee? We can schedule you to officiate a game before or after your own game, so you can still play. Courses are given all the time and are limited in size,  so sign up early. To find out when the classes are, just click here.

Score Reporting - App is now available


Thats right, there is now an app you can use on your Iphone or Android device, to report your GPSD Game Scores.

No more running home, turning on the computer, going to the website, signing in to your teams page and reporting your score. Oh sure, you can still do it that way if you like to.

However, now you can just grab your phone, run the app and enter your score onto the GPSD website. You can do all of these before changing out of your game shoes.

You will still be able to phone in your score from the field as well and have it automaticaly update to the website before you hang up your phone. This option is for those that do not want to download the app.

Grab your phone, go to your App Market and search for "PhoneItIn" and download the App. Once you have done that, email me at the "Contact Us" link above and I will set you up with a Pin #.