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Greater Portland Soccer District, Inc.

Affiliated with Oregon Adult Soccer Association (OASA), United States Soccer Federation (USSF), United States Amateur Soccer Association (USASA), and Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)

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Application for Team Registration – FALL 2021 SEASON

(The "Team") hereby applies to registration as an amateur soccer team with Greater Portland Soccer District, Inc. (GPSD, Inc.), in one of the following divisions:

Open / Over 30 * / Over 40 *

$1795 *

Over 50 / Over 60


Over 65 (7v7)


* If your Over 30 team is placed in Over 30 3rd or your Over 40 team is placed in Over 40 2nd or 3rd your team will be refunded $200. These divisions within the age bracket only have one official and the refund amount is to offset that cost.

The registration fees are charged at a rate for matches that will have three officials but GPSD will issue a refund to those teams that get placed into division within an age bracket that only have one official

During the registration process the Team will select an age bracket to participate in (Open, Over 30, 40, 50, 60, or 65 7v7) and then request a division (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.). The Team's division request is not a guarantee, but only the Team’s age bracket is.

Divisions within an age bracket will be determined by previous GPSD results along with taking the Team's request into consideration. Typically, if a team requests to be in a higher division than their record indicates we will place them in their higher division.

The deadline for registration is Aug. 5th, 2021 at 11:59 PM at that point registrations will only be accepted should there be room in a division the Team wants to register for, as well a $100 late registration fee will be enforced up until Aug 9th, 2021 at 11:59PM then at this point registration will be closed.


The Team understands that GPSD, Inc., OASA, USASA, USSF, and FIFA all have rules that are applicable to the Team. The Team agrees to abide by all of these rules.

The Team understands that it is only permitted to use players who are registered with and hold a current, valid identification card issued by OASA.

Please pick one of the following options to register or edit your team application:

1. If you're returning to edit or complete payment for an application you've already submitted for FALL 2021

Click here to log back in to edit or complate payment for a FALL 2021 registration form


2. You’ve played in GPSD before and want to carry over your team information

- Click the link below and find your team on the appropriate season standings

- Login to your team page using the login button (on the team page)

- Click the registration link for FALL 2021

You’ve played in GPSD before, click here to register for FALL 2021


3. You are registering a new GPSD team

Click here for a new team FALL 2021 registration form


If you do not remember your log in information, please try the forgot PIN link on the login page first. If you are not successful please contact requesting your PIN number, and supply your team name as well as the last time your team played in GPSD.