Fall season starts
GDST Board meeting
GPSD board meeting 6:45pm
GPSD board meeting 6:45pm
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2015 Fall Team Placement

Hello All,

Below is a list of accepted teams and their placement into the 2015 Fall Season.

Some teams have been moved from their requested division bssed on their standigns from Spring Season and to do whats best for the league.


Accepted Teams - GPSD Fall 2015

Open 1st
Division 1
DNA Futbol Club
Elite Portland FC
GDST Young Boys
LaRose City FC
Nutmeg Missiles
Salsa Azul FC
Vikings FC
Open 2nd
Division 2
F.C. United
FC Portland Firefighters
FC Portlandia
Por Que No
Team Awesome
Open 3rd
Division 3
Bridgetown FC
Broken Arrow FC
Goof Troop FC
Gorkha FC
Hooligans FC
Kells Brewery FC
NetRippers F.C.
Ronler Hacres
Vancouver FC
Open 4th - TAFC
Division 4 - TAFC
101st FC
Cascade Rangers FC
Clinton City Wanderers
Deacon Blue
FC Bridge City
Multnomah Forest AFC
North End United
Northern Alliance FC
Rose City Athletic
Sporting BDA
Over 30 1st
Over 30s 1st
FC BridgePort
Hattrick FC
JH Kelly
Lompoc FC
Portland Internationals
Over 30 2nd - PDX
Over 30 2nd - PDX
GDST Old Boys
Main Event SC
Nomads FC
Oregon Soccer Center FC
Phoenix FC
Pizza Mia Griffins
SBFC Beulahland
SDFC Old Men
Over 30 3rd - PDX
Over 30s 3rd - PDX
Bridgetown FC
Buckman United FC
Controlled Chaos
FC 77 Bollocks
FC 77 Rangers
FotM Brewing Co. FC
Guinness FC
Rogue Nation FC
Vancouver FC O30
Over 40 2nd
Over 40s 2nd
13 Virtues
Big Foot FC
FC Camas
FC Nor'East
IPS O/40
Kells FC 0/40
Lompoc Senators
Seven Bridges FC
Tug N Whistle
Two Brothers
Over 40 3rd
Over 40s 3rd
Blue Bird
Celtic Portland FC
Fat Tuesday 0/40
FC 77 Hibernians
FC Oldtimers
FC Strangers United
FC Widmer West Linn
Highlanders 0/40
Imperial O/40
Kay's Lagers
Old Growth - Green
Old Growth FC-Gold
Rose City Revolution 0/40
Southeast Cosmos
Over 50 1st
Over 50
Fat Tuesdays FC
FC 77 Newcastle
Highland-Team Guinness
Imperial Soccer Team
Old Growth FC O50
Portland Inter United
Seven Bridges FC
ToolBank FC
Over 58
Over 58
Fat Tuesdays FC
FC 77 Old Nicks
Highland - Team Widmer
Master Booters
Pierre's SC
2015 - USA Friendly

May 2nd, 2015 at King's Way Christian, we will be conducting our first ever GPSD Friendly with Canada. Thats right, one of our teams will be playing a team from Canada in a friendly. From Vancouver BC - Bombastic FC Jurrasic with be playing our own Moreland United in a first ever GPSD friendly. This game will kickoff at 1:00pm on May 2nd at King's Way Christian School in Vancouver Wa.


Bombastic FC Jurassic

- vs -

Moreland United


May 2nd, 2015 - 1:00pm @ King's Way Christian School in Vancouver

Come out and join us in this great Pre-Timbers Warm Up Game.

2014 Fall Season Championship Team Photos
Men's soccer league hits the big time


Portland Sports Beat will be making a full match video production of this Saturday's TAFC D4 Championship - 4pm at Gladstone HS (18800 Portland Ave) as well as the over 30s 1st division Championship game at 6:00 pm, Gladstone HS. These productions each will include 3 cameras as well as a play by play and color announcing team. Broadcasts will be available at PortlandSportsBeat.com, Live. Local, Sports.

4th Division - TAFC Match - Watch it Here

Over 301st 1st Match - Watch it Here


We can video tape your Championsip Match for the 2014 Fall season, we just need to work out how to cover the cost. Cost will depend on how many games get video taped. Sponsor Advertisements are welcome.

Team Rosters

We have now posted some "How To Videos" to the website to help you manage your teams page and roster. Just click on the Video link above and choose which video you want to view. Please email us if you have any questions.

Using the "Official Roster" from the website is now required. The reason for this is the GPSD Board is all volunteer and they spend hundreds of hours each season tracking cards, players, rosters, fines and other items. This will save the GPSD Board many, many hours of time trying to track all these items.

Failure to use the Official Roster from the League Website will result in a $25.00 fine.


Looking for Referee's

Ever think about becoming a referee? We can schedule you to officiate a game before or after your own game, so you can still play. Courses are given all the time and are limited in size,  so sign up early. To find out when the classes are, just click here.

Score Reporting - App is now available


Thats right, there is now an app you can use on your Iphone or Android device, to report your GPSD Game Scores.

No more running home, turning on the computer, going to the website, signing in to your teams page and reporting your score. Oh sure, you can still do it that way if you like to.

However, now you can just grab your phone, run the app and enter your score onto the GPSD website. You can do all of these before changing out of your game shoes.

You will still be able to phone in your score from the field as well and have it automaticaly update to the website before you hang up your phone. This option is for those that do not want to download the app.

Grab your phone, go to your App Market and search for "PhoneItIn" and download the App. Once you have done that, email me at the "Contact Us" link above and I will set you up with a Pin #.