GPSD Board Meeting 6:45pm
GPSD Board Meeting 6:45pm
Fall season starts
GPSD Board Meeting 6:45pm


Managers looking for players and players looking for teams: Check out the forum



6/3/2019: Registration Opens

7/15/2019 @ 7 PM: Manager's Meeting @ Kells Downtown (teams present will receive a $50 refund on registration)

7/22/2019 @ 11:59 PM: Regular registration closed (any team registered after the manager's meeting receives $100 late fee applied to their registration)

7/25/2019: Registraion permanently closed (no more teams accepted)

8/1/2019: Approx. date of division alignments announced

8/22/2019: Approx. date of schedules released

9/7/2019: Season begins

10/21/2019: Approx. date of championship match location and times announced

12/7/2019 and/or 12/8/2019: Championship weekend

GPSD Spring 2019 Championship Results

OPEN 1ST DIVISION: IPS v. OFC (2-2 aft, 6-5 PKs)


OPEN 2ND DIVISION: Morning Rabona SC v. Salsa Azul FC (5-1 aft)


O30 1ST DIVISION: Nomads v. Oregon Soccer Center (3-1 aft)


O30 2ND DIVISION: Stormbreaker FC v. Controlled Chaos (3-0 aft)


O30 3RD DIVISION: Centennial FC v. FC 77 Rangers (1-3 aft)


O40 1ST DIVISION: Kells v. More Ale (2-1 aft)


O40 2ND DIVISION: South Burlingame v. JH Kelly (2-4 aft)


O40 3RD DIVISION: Imperial v. Ons Oranje FC (0-0 aft, 5-4 PKs)


O50 1ST DIVISION: Kells v. Fossils (1-1 aft, 7-6 PKs)


O50 2ND DIVISION: Fat Tuesdays v. Gobugi (4-1 aft)


O58 DIVISION: Fat Tuesdays v. Willamette Valley Vineyards (2-1 aft)


Creating Match Rosters & Printing Game Rosters

As always, every GPSD match will require a match roster. Our new and improved match rosters can now be accessed.

To create/modify your roster you can view the instructions located here. These will help you creating, adding players, etc.

For each match you will need to provide a copy of this to the match official. How to get the roster you created into a paper form for the match is explained here: Click here for match roster instuctions

Only team managers have access to do this - so if someone else on your team needs the ability to do this please have any of the current managers contact me and I can grant this access.

GPSD Contact Information

If you have general questions as it relates to the league: GPSDCard@aol.com [Terry Christopher, 503-312-3505]

If you have questions as it relates to schedules/reschedules: scheduler@gpsdsoccer.com [Justin Phillips]

If you have questions as it relates to fields, bringing in a home field, inquiring about practice fields available: fields@gpsdsoccer.com [Justin Phillips]

If you have questions as it relates to referees or becoming an official: referees@gpsdsoccer.com [CJ Koll & Ian Miller]

- Referee Evaluation on your specific GPSD Match - Click Here

GPSD Center Circle Flag - Portland Timbers v. Atlanta

This match will take place on Aug. 18th at 7pm.

We are selling tickets for $55 each (covers transaction fees). There is no max purchse and the seats are located in the Widmer Section (South End)

There are 60 total tickets available on first come first serve basis

There are approx. 40 spots for Center Circle Flag holding (which requires early arrival and kids that participate must be at least 7 years old)

Please email Greg Labavitch: greg.rosecitysoccer@gmail.com with the following information:

1. Quantity of tickets are you interested in purchasing

2. If you want to participate in the Center Circle Flag holding and how many (must meet at the stadium, gate 35 by 6:00pm, on match day)

PayPal payments go to GPSDCard@aol.com

Announcing 2020 City of Portland Nations Cup Tournament (May 22-25, 2020)

The GPSD organization, after some discussion of the board of directors; have decided to try and bring back some of the old soccer events (i.e. tournaments, cups, etc…), that were once very popular in the Portland metro area.

For that purpose the will organize the Nations’ Cup tournament during the Memorial Day weekend holiday in 2020. OASA has also offered their support for this tournament and we are very excited to be bringing it back to Portland.

It shall consist of five (5) divisions: Open 1st, Open 2nd, O/30, O/40, O/50 with any of those divisions being broken into multiple groups depending on number of registered teams. The tournament is scheduled to take place at Delta Park or the Eastside Timbers Sports Complex in Gresham.


  • The games will consist of 25 minute halves (with the final being 2x30 in length)
  • Each team will be guaranteed 3 matches
  • First place will receive a winner’s trophy in each division
  • Second place will receive a commemorative plaque

Registration for the tournament will be available on the website early in 2020.

The tournament registration is anticipated to be $450/team. The league is interested in prompting the spirit of soccer in Oregon; as well as bringing back the old glory of the game to Portland. To the registered teams – there will be a set of tournament rules sent to them and these rules will also be posted on the GPSD website.

For any questions or clarifications about the tournament; please contact one of the following:

Terry Christopher (League president): 503-312-3505 or GPSDCard@aol.com

Nikos Filis (GPSD Director): 971-544-1630 or filisnikos6@gmail.com