Fall season starts
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Michigan soccer referee dies after being attacked during a match


John Bieniewicz, a 44-year-old soccer referee, seen here on a vacation with his children. Bieniewicz died Tuesday after he was assaulted Sunday while officiating a match outside Detroit. See the full story here.




Men's soccer league hits the big time


Portland Sports Beat will be making a full match video production of this Saturday's TAFC D4 Championship - 4pm at Gladstone HS (18800 Portland Ave) as well as the over 30s 1st division Championship game at 6:00 pm, Gladstone HS. These productions each will include 3 cameras as well as a play by play and color announcing team. Broadcasts will be available at PortlandSportsBeat.com, Live. Local, Sports.

4th Division - TAFC Match - Watch it Here

Over 301st 1st Match - Watch it Here


2014 Spring Championships


           The tentative dates for the GPSD 2014 Spring Championship games are set. Premier will have their Semi-Finals on July 5th and 6th with all finals being held on July 12th and 13th if possible. We really can't extend past this due to players going out of town for summer vacation. Certain divisions could do their championship game sooner if their division is finished sooner and both teams agree to it.  Tenative schedule is below, and will most likely change.


           All Championhip games will start on time. If your team is not ready at game time, the clock will still start on time, regardless. There is no stoppage time in any GPSD game, this includes Semi Finals and Finals. If at the end of regulation play, the game is tied, it goes right into kicks from the mark. In the Premier Division if it is tied at the end of regulation, there will be 1 - 10 minute overtime period, (no golden goal). If it is still tied at the end of the 1st 10 minutues, there will be a 2nd 10 minutes. This 10 minute period is a "Golden Goal" period. First goal wins. If it is still tied at the end of the 2nd 10 minute period, then it goes into "Kicks from the Mark".



2014 Spring Championship Schedule
June 20th          
  Over 40's 2nd - Metro   THPRD #3 7:00 PM Finals
July 6th          
  Division 3   Oregon City 6:00 PM Finals
July 9th          
  Division 1   THPRD #4 7:30 PM Finals
July 10th          
  Premier 2nd -vs- 3rd THPRD #4 8:00 PM Semi's
    1st -vs- 4th THPRD #5 7:30 PM Semi's
July 12th          
  Over 58   Oregon City 9:00 AM Finals
  Over 50's 1st   Oregon City 11:00 AM Finals
  Over 40's 2nd - PDX   Oregon City 1:00 PM Finals
July 12th          
  Over 40's 2nd - Rose   Snyder Park 2:00 PM Finals
  Over 30'2 2nd - Rose   Snyder Park 4:00 PM Finals
  Over 30's 3rd   Snyder Park 6:00 PM Finals
July 12th        
  Div 2   Gladstone 10:00 AM Finals
  Over 30's 2nd - PDX   Gladstone 12:00 PM Finals
  Div 4 - 107th   Gladstone 2:00 PM Finals
  Div 4 - TAFC   Gladstone 4:00 PM Finals
  Over 30's 1st   Gladstone 6:00 PM Finals
July 13th          
  Over 40's 1st   Gladstone 10:00 AM Finals
  Premier   Gladstone 6:00 PM Finals


2014 Fall Registration


2014 Fall Registration is now available online. The link is under the "Team Mgmt" tab above. The deadline for registration is July 28th at the Mid Years Managers Meeting at Kells. We will be passing out the Spring Season Championship Shirts during the Meeting.

We will also be reviewing and voting on some rule changes. Click here to view those rules prior to the meeting.



Team Rosters

We have now posted some "How To Videos" to the website to help you manage your teams page and roster. Just click on the Video link above and choose which video you want to view. Please email us if you have any questions.

Using the "Official Roster" from the website is now required. The reason for this is the GPSD Board is all volunteer and they spend hundreds of hours each season tracking cards, players, rosters, fines and other items. This will save the GPSD Board many, many hours of time trying to track all these items.

Failure to use the Official Roster from the League Website will result in a $25.00 fine.


8th Annual Summer Legacy Adult Soccer Tournament

            8th Annual Summer Legacy Adult Soccer Tournament 

Presented by St. Patricks Futball Club 

August 22-24 2014



Looking for Referee's

Ever think about becoming a referee? We can schedule you to officiate a game before or after your own game, so you can still play. Courses are given all the time and are limited in size,  so sign up early. To find out when the classes are, just click here.


A great story of one of our own GPSD players captured in a national article


My Unlikely Sports Hero

81-year old soccer player inspires teammates / By Jeff Wallach


click here to read the full article





GPSD 2012 Fall Champions