GPSD Spring 2020 Division Alignment

GPSDs policy is that we will move one team up and one team down (promotion/relegation); however, we reserve the right to move more than that and also move teams around to try and adhere to a competitive balance. We do this based off past results and team input during registration (we ask for teams suggested division). Below is a short explanation of each division and how it will be scheduled.

Open Division - This division was able to adhere to our one up (promotion) / one down (relegation) model. One team did not re-register from D1 Fall 2019, this put six (6) teams in each division. Each team will play each opponent in its division twice during the season.

O30s - This division was realigned back to three divisions (O30s 1st, O30s 2nd, and O30s 3rd), as it was a couple years ago based on team registrants. We received 18 registrations, which allowed us to adhere back to the three divisions of six (6) teams each. As above, each team will play each of its opponents twice during the season.

O40s - This division was realigned to four divisions (O40s 1st, O40s 2nd, O40s 3rd, and O40s 4th) in a 7-7-7-8 format. This format was chosen based on past results of the teams within each division from Fall 2019 as well as taking into account the teams division requests that came in. Two new teams also joined the O40s age bracket and were placed accordingly. Seven (7) team divisions (O40s 1st, O40s 2nd, and O40s 3rd) will play four of their opponents twice and the other two opponents once. The eight (8) team division (O40s 4th) will be scheduled as if it's two separate divisions. Using the Fall 2019 rankings, the four highest ranked teams (21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th) will play each other twice and each of the other four teams (25th, 26th, 27th, and 'New Team') once, while the 4 lowest ranked teams (25th, 26th, 27th, and 'New Team') will play each other twice and each of the other 4 higher ranked teams (21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th) once.

Note: New Teams will be treated as ranked lowest in their respective division for scheduling purposes.

O50s - As with the Open division, this division was able to adhere to our one up / one down model. 1st division, with seven (7) teams, will be scheduled just as the O40s divisions that contain seven (7) teams. The O50s 2nd division, containing five (5) teams, will see each team playing a division opponent twice, but two of the teams three (3) times.

O58s - This division is one division of eight (8) teams and will be scheduled in the same format as O40s 4th division, which also contains eight (8) teams.

O65s - This division is waiting on a 4th team and should it register this division will see each team play each opponent three times, while playing one opponent a 4th time.

1st Toffee Club FC 1
1st Bayern Neverlusen 2
1st Army of Darkness 3
1st LaRose City FC 4
1st Columbia United 5
1st Bridgetown FC 7
2nd Morning Rabona SC 6
2nd FC Love Jam 8
2nd FC Evergreens 9
2nd Salsa Azul FC 10
2nd Bad Lads AC 11
2nd NetRippers F.C. 12
1st Nomads 1
1st Guinness FC 2
1st PDX Internationals O/30 3
1st Oregon Soccer Center FC 5
1st Stormbreaker FC 6
1st Vancouver FC 9
2nd GDST Old Boys 4
2nd FC Raja 7
2nd Controlled Chaos O/30 8
2nd Toffee Club 90s 10
2nd Centennial FC 11
2nd Buckman United FC 12
3rd FC 77 Rangers 13
3rd Phoenix FC 14
3rd FC 77 Bollocks 15
3rd Bridgetown FC 16
3rd FC PFA O/30 17
3rd Hawks 18
1st Zombie Lompoc 1
1st IPS O/40 2
1st Toffee Club O/40 D1 3
1st Sunlight FC 4
1st Kells FC O/40 6
1st FC77 Hibernian 7
1st Oregon Soccer Center FC 40s New Team
2nd South Burlingame 5
2nd JH Kelly 8
2nd FC 77 PBR 9
2nd Fat Tuesdays FC O/40 10
2nd SBFC Beulahland 11
2nd Linn City O/40 12
2nd FC Unite 13
3rd Portland Griffins 14
3rd Nomads FC O/40 15
3rd Big Foot FC 16
3rd Toffee Club O/40 D2 17
3rd Imperial O/40 18
3rd Rose City Revolution 19
3rd FC Oldtimers 22
4th Ons Oranje FC 20
4th Southeast Cosmos 21
4th FC Brothers 23
4th Solvana Brewing 24
4th FC PFA O/40 25
4th Controlled Chaos O/40 26
4th Old Growth FC 27
4th Viet Portland New Team
1st Portland Inter United 1
1st Fat Tuesdays FC O/50 2
1st Kells FC O/50 3
1st Fossils 4
1st FC 77 Ajax 5
1st Toffee Club TA O/50 6
1st OB O/50 8
2nd Highlanders O/50 7
2nd Imperial SC O/50 9
2nd Linn City O/50 10
2nd Toffee Club O/50/d2 11
2nd Rode Elftal 12
1st Fat Tuesdays FC O/58 1
1st Willamette Valley Vineyards 2
1st Imperial SC O/58 3
1st Highland Stillhouse - Widmer 4
1st FC 77 Old Nicks 5
1st Royals 6
1st Master Booters 7
1st OB O/58 New Team